Top Lights

Top lights data


Here you can find the correct lights data presented in the paper. In each image, we replace approximately 3-5% of the original data as described in the text. Note that these data are preliminary and may still change. Please notify us if you notice anything unusual. Below you can find the global images restricted to areas below the arctic circle with all lights on water set to zero. The resolution is 30 by 30 arc seconds. The original image and data processing was done by NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center and the DMSP data collection by US Air Force Weather Agency.


We are currently making only one version of the raw data available. Later on, we will also provide aggregate data sets (e.g. linking to the PRIO grid or GADM vector data) and add data corrected with different parameters (Pareto shape parameters).

Data download

Download all files at once (big tarball, 3gb):



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